Perth mum accused of poisoning her one-year-old baby with bleach

Just awful

January 14 2019

A WA woman who allegedly poisoned her severely ill 13-month baby boy with bleach has been remanded to a psychiatric hospital.

Brooke Lucas poured bleach into her infant son’s feeding tube and was charged with intending to kill or endanger him.

The toddler, named William, has a congenital condition called Pierre Robin sequence and requires 24-hour care, according to Nine News.

He was in hospital receiving treatment for bronchitis and was released just before Christmas. Just days later on December 29, his 26-year-old mother allegedly tried to kill him.

When he was discharged on Christmas Eve after the bronchitis treatment Lucas wrote on her Facebook page that it was “a Christmas miracle he would be spending his first Christmas at home.”

“I am in tears after he was so sick Friday and Saturday that he needed to be admitted In to hospital,” she wrote.

Information has also emerged that the woman has previously advertised herself as a babysitter and claimed to have nine years of experience in the childcare industry.

William is expected to be released from Perth Children's Hospital into the care of relatives.