Daycare worker's horrifying confession sparks outrage among parents!

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November 06 2018

A daycare worker’s shock secret confession has outraged thousands of parents after it was revealed on-line.

The anonymous worker sent a note to the website Post Secret – a page that encourages people from around the world to send in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard and they are revealed on-line.

When this secret was posted on Facebook more than 1000 people commented, most of them outraged.





The confession reads, 'Daycare parents, how you treat me is how your child is treated. Respect and appreciation go a long way – your daycare provider'

Furious parents went online, angry that the daycare worker claims he or she takes it out on the kids at work when parents are rude.





‘It’s not the kids fault if the mum and dad are rude – find a new job’ said one.

‘This is outrageous,’ said another. ‘Every parents worst nightmare comes true.’

As the post is anonymous, there’s no way to know who the daycare worker is or where they are from but the confession has certainly touched a nerve with parents on the site. 

The note was published just days after it was revealed a mum is taking her children's childcare centre to court after they were caught on film encouraging kids to fight in what's been labelled a Toddler Fight Club.

'There's no way of knowing what happens when you're not round,' said one mum. 'That's why this story has struck such a chord.'


What do you think of the day care workers confession?