This mum has a brilliant response when daycare teacher suggests she dress her baby like 'a girl'

It's genius!

August 15 2018

A mum drew a picture of a girlie bow on a Post-It note and stuck it to her daughter’s head when a daycare teacher suggested she should dress her more “like a girl”.

Jessica Rold’s husband, Steve, shared this photo of his daughter on Reddit with the headline, 'How my wife dressed our daughter the day after the teachers at daycare told her we should really be dressing her more like a girl.'

Steve and Jessica have two children and their new baby is often dressed in her elder brother’s baby clothes.

“We never bothered to find out the genders of our children ahead of time,” Steve told website Babble, “so most of what my daughter wears at the moment are hand-me-downs we bought before we knew our son was even going to be a boy.”

 And while he isn’t annoyed by the teacher’s comments, he doesn’t understand why anyone would comment about it.

 ‘I couldn’t care less if someone mistakes her for a boy,’ said Steve on Reddit. ‘And since she’s a freaking baby, it’s not like she’s going to be offended.’

 Does it bother you if your people are confused about your child’s gender?





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