JUST IN: Parents have found formula on sale for $4 in Woolworths!

Run, don't walk!

Writer / March 11 2019

Parents have discovered a Woolworths store in Australia is selling formula for just $4 a can. 

The Aptamil Gold+ Baby Formula Stage 1 and 3 900g cans normally sell for around $24 in most supermarket stores.

But one keen-eyed shopper found these on sale in Victoria. 





Taking to the website ozbargain.com.au, the poster, donkeykwong, alerted parents to the formula on sale in the Woolworths in the Queen Victoria Village, in central Melbourne. 

And the reason it's so cheap?

It's nearing the end of its sell-by date.

Donkeykwong wrote, 'Looks like someone at QV Woolworths stuffed up and a whole bunch of formula is expiring, so it’s going at $4 a tin. Very little Level 1 avail but heaps of Level 3 which expires next month.'

Lots of commenters than flooded the site asking questions about the formula which can be difficult to find at the moment, asking when the Aptamil formula expired.

'In the pic most of it is stage 3, which expires 20/4, the stage one expires on the 18/3,' replied the original poster.



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