Asian mum refused formula as ‘it’s only for legit mothers’


January 14 2019

An upset mum was refused formula from a Sydney pharmacy on the basis that the stock was reserved for “legit mothers.”

Many stores have taken to limiting the amount of formula sold to each customer because of shortages due to Chinese buyers purchasing formula to sell overseas at inflated prices.

Sharing her experience on a mums Facebook group, she explained that she had gone into the store and asked the front staff for a couple of tins, or whatever the pharmacy limit was.

The staff were friendly, but said they had to check with the manager, who then came out and told her she could only have one.

“I explained my daughter finished 1 can, 7 days. And I will be traveling for 9 days - so I do need that extra can,” she wrote.

“The condescending tone, eye contact and body language I received from the staff and the pharmacist in charge - made me feel like a criminal.

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getty images

The mum had her daughter with her and held her up for the staff to see, saying she was honest and merely needed milk for her baby.

“They replied, they need to keep their stock for (their words) ‘legit mothers’", she said.

“As much as I am extremely frustrated and angry at the lack of shortage formula available. I feel so sadden and hurt because of my ethnic appearance I am being judged.”

Mums were quick to sympathise with the woman, saying how sorry they were she’d had such a bad experience, and some saying they’d had a similar problem when trying to find formula for their babies.

“That is outrageous and so awful. I am so angry for you. Please make a complaint, that is so unacceptable. How judgmental,” said one.

“I'd be whipping out my FB and doing a live straight up. See if he's then convinced you're legit. So sorry you had to experience formula-racism,” added another.

The woman added that it was not the first time it has happened to her, either.

“Call this crazy, I’ve shown the staff photos of my children to prove I do have kids,” she said.

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