Parents lose custody of sick toddler after stopping chemo for “natural treatment”


Content Editor / May 14 2019

The parents of a three-year-old boy in Tampa, Florida, have lost custody of him for stopping his chemotherapy treatment in lieu of more “natural methods.”

Little Noah McAdams has been battling leukemia and has received two rounds of chemo treatment, after which his parents say there were no signs of cancer.

His parents, Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball, switched Noah to homeopathic treatments including CBD oil, alkaline water, mushroom tea, herbal extracts and dietary changes, and claim he was recovering well.

However, a Hillsborough Country judge told the pair they needed to get their son back on chemo within 28 days or risk losing him, ABC13 reports.



Authorities were alerted when the couple did not bring their son for treatment, and they were stopped in Kentucky after bringing their son to see an out-of-state doctor, and lost custody of him shortly afterwards.

“We’re not trying to refuse any kind of treatment,” mum Taylor said.

“They think we’re refusing treatment all around, putting him in danger, trying to kill him. But not at all. We’re trying to save him.”



The couple have been told that they are free to use alternative methods, but that chemotherapy must be the primary source of treatment for the little boy.

They claim that chemo had caused Noah to have “violent mood swings” and that it had been very brutal on his body.

Mum Taylor has created a Facebook page to help with fundraising called Medical Treatment for Noah.

Noah is currently in the care of relatives, but his parents are fighting to regain custody. In the meantime, they are working with the Department of Children and Families to be allowed unsupervised visits.

Nicola Conville has worked as a journalist and editor for more than 20 years across a wide range of print and online publications. Her areas of expertise are parenting, health and travel. She has two children; Lucy, age eight, and Nathan, age five.