This four-ingredient NO BAKE Christmas cake just solved your dessert panic on December 25!

Why waste time in the kitchen!

November 09 2018

Christmas Day dessert? Sorted!

With the big day just around the corner, it's hard work planning what to make for the family on the big day without being in the kitchen for hours and hours.

Aussie mum Chantelle Ellem just solved that headache for us with a new recipe for a Christmas 'pudding' that is sheer genius.

  • It only needs four ingredients
  • It requires ZERO baking

 You just can’t get easier than that!

Mum-of-two Chantelle - whose FatMumSlim food and lifestyle blog is full of clever ideas - uses just ice-cream, Maltesers, Jaffas and melted chocolate for dessert, and says it’s the perfect Christmas Day recipe. 




‘This recipe is so easy, and awesome for three reasons,’ she tells. ‘One: You don’t have to turn on the hot oven on a steaming summer’s day to make dessert. Two: You can make it way ahead and avoid any stress on Christmas day. Three: It tastes awesome.’


Chantelle Ellem

Chantelle Ellem

3L of ice cream {your favourite flavour, I used mint choc-chip}
2 large packets of Maltesers
200g white chocolate, melted
3 jaffas {I love the large Darrell Lea ones}

For the full recipe, head here!