New reports say there are crisis talks over a Harry and Meghan divorce

Fans are wondering what's going on...

January 30 2019

A story is gaining traction around the world revealing that behind closed doors, palace officials are said to be holding crisis talks over what might happen if the marriage of Harry and Meghan was to end.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who wed in May 2018, have faced a series of personal dramas in recent months, including a rumoured rift between Meghan and her sister- in-law Kate, an ongoing feud with Meghan’s father Thomas, and three members of her staff quitting in a matter of months.

Although there is no suggestion in the story that the couple have any plans to split - the palace is understood to want to be prepared should it arise after the birth of the royal baby later this year. 







“Senior royals and palace officials are in crisis talks over what might happen if their marriage ended,” New Idea reports.

“Everyone can’t believe how the tide has turned – that they went from being so loved by the public, to Meghan making enemies left, right and centre. It’s a disaster.”

Adding further fuel to the fire, it is believed the Queen has had enough of Meghan’s “diva-like” behaviour and, according to Globe magazine, Her Majesty has approved a $37 million divorce proposal.

“She’s ordered us to give Meghan what she wants – money ... and a title for her baby, but not her,” a courtier reportedly told the publication, adding the Queen wants the former Suits actress to move back to America and her child to be raised in Britain.

However, Harry isn’t having a bar of it, saying a break-up “will only happen over my dead body!”

The palace was infamously unprepared for the fall-out after the split between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.