New mum is DEVASTATED when IVF clinic impregnate her with STRANGER’S embryo

How could this happen?!

Content Editor / April 30 2019

Going through IVF is an expensive, gruelling and emotional process. Even when it does work, it is a tough experience to go through.

So you can imagine the shock one couple felt when they discovered that the baby they conceived with the help of an IVF clinic was not actually theirs at all.

According to the Connecticut Post, the fertility clinic mixed up the embryos before implantation.

The baby they gave birth to was not biologically related to them at all and appears to be of a different race.

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The couple had previously had a child with help from the same fertility clinic, and were delighted when their first child arrived in 2016.

They decided to start trying for a second baby later that year using the father’s sperm and an egg from the same donor they had used with their first baby.

They happily conceived again, but after the baby was born in August 2018 it was clear something wasn’t quite right.

Their second child had much darker pigmentation than the donor, the father and the baby’s sibling, so the couple decided to have a DNA test.

The test revealed that the children were not siblings at all – they were not biologically related to the donor or the father. The embryo that was implanted had belonged to someone else.

The couple, who now live in London say that their second child is “loved and healthy in every aspect” however they now have fears that the biological parents may come forward and want custody of the child.

There’s also the question of what has happened with their own embyros – have they been lost or implanted in someone else?

Court papers state that the couple has “suffered financial loss and severe emotional distress” as a result of the mix-up.

They're now seeking $200,000 in reimbursements for all “fees, costs, and expenses reasonably incurred in the participation of IVF treatments.”

The case will go to trial in September 2021, when their second child is three years old.

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