WATCH: Meet the Aussie gardeners being hired to work on your backyard IN THE NUDE!

Careful with the whippersnipper!

November 19 2018

So cheeky!

A new service available in major Australian cities means you can hire a gardener to work on your backyard - naked! Bare All Gardeners is a male backyard service created by businessman Brett Jones.

For $169 an hour, green thumbs can be swapped for bare bums!

And Brett was joined by naked gardener Leeroy Evan on Sunrise to talk about the launch of the new service.

Sunrise co-host Sam Armytage asked the lads if the people who hire them just sit there and watch them do the gardening in the nude.





"That's the aim, yes Sam, that's the whole idea of it," Brett said.

Leroy added: "They can get in and help if they want to."

Kochie then asked if the men allow their clients to touch them.

"It's a look but don't touch policy Kochie," Brett replied.

After first starting as Bare All Cleaning service, where women cleaned houses naked, the business now offers a male-only gardening service

"We are big with both the stay at home mums and also the gay community has been a big supporter of our business," Brett said.

See the video of the naked gardeners below!