Mums reveal the really weird words they call their private parts - and they are really bizarre

Warning: not for faint-hearted

February 04 2020

Mums have revealed the weird and wonderful names they call their private parts – and it makes for some really bizarre reading!

Posting on Mumsnet, a group of women launched a discussion on what women call their vaginas (without using the words vagina), or what they called those parts when they were children!

The debate was sparked by a mum of a two-year old boy who revealed,


‘Not even sure this is allowed... but I have an almost 3yo who is now noticing and asking questions about how I wee without a willy! 
He keeps saying stuff like "you do a wee out of your that bit" and pointing. I just want something to refer to it as, which doesn't sound ridiculous. I know it is called a vagina but i don't really want to call it that to him, I'm not sure why but it kind of sounds wrong at age 2. My mum used to call it 'a Mary' which i don't like!
Does anyone have any suggestions'


Some of the suggestions are so strange, they’re hilarious, with mums admitting to using everything from 'quiche' to fou fou and um… 'coin purse'.

One mum wrote: "Me and my friends randomly have always called it a quiche or goat..."

While another said: "My sister calls it a coin purse, but I don't think you can suggest that to a 3yo. Maud is another one."

One woman admitted that when she was younger it was always referred to as a ‘front bum’.





All this of course begs the question what is wrong with the word vagina? But some mums found that to be too clinical or medical and wanted a ‘friendlier’ name for the area.

Do you have a name that you call yours in front of your children?

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