Mums reveal the MEANEST things kids say and the answers are HILARIOUS

So funny!

January 31 2019

We all adore our kids, but sometimes they can try our patience with the things they say to us.

On a recent Netmums forum thread, mums revealed the meanest things their kids have ever said to them, and the answers are actually hilarious!

“My four-year-old son asked me why I was putting on make-up and I said ‘To make me look pretty.’ He replied ‘I don't think it's working’”, said one mum.

Another mum whose ego is firmly in check thanks to her kids said: “After I'd completed a 100km bike ride with my son I said ‘Not too bad for a fat old Mum am I?’ and he replied ‘You did great Mum. And you're not that old.’”

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Other mums revealed moments when their kids showed a VERY clear preference to another adult over them – usually Dad or a grandparent.

“We'd be fine if you died, Mum - we'd still have Dad”, one kid told Mum, and also added: “I wish Granny was the mum and you were the Granny.”

“My eldest wishes she could live with granny because ‘granny doesn't shout like you do mummy.’” revealed another mum.

Some comments bordered on downright scary, with one mum recalling a time when a game her husband and daughter were playing took a dark turn.

“When my daughter was about five she was playing with my husband and he said ‘I'll use magic to make you a princess’ and she said ‘I'll use magic to make you dead,’” she wrote.

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Others offered a hilarious insight into family dynamics.

“My youngest (6) recently learnt what a substitute teacher was because hers was out sick,” one mum shared. “She then declared her father was just like a substitute teacher, he is only in charge when the real one is not around, he doesn't make them do work (tidy up) and sits doing not a lot all day.

“Needless to say it was very hard to try and correct my child whilst laughing so hard I could barely breathe!”

What’s the meanest thing your kid has ever said to you?

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