Gay choir teacher gets HUGE surprise when 50 students turn up to sing at his wedding – see the video here!

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Content Editor / January 29 2019

A primary school teacher from Massachusetts got a huge surprise when his students turned up unannounced to sing at his wedding to his partner Joe.

Choir Director Christopher Landis is one of the most beloved teachers at the school. Whenever his partner turned up at the school he would say ‘That’s Joe. He’s my friend.’

Christopher and Joe were planning a wedding but kept it on the down-low from parents and students.

Unbeknownst to Christopher, the families had caught wind of the upcoming nuptials and approached Joe to suggest that the children turn up at the wedding rehearsal to sing the Beatles “All You Need is Love.”

During the event, Christopher noticed his guests started taking their phones out, ready to record something, but he didn’t know why – until he saw his choir students filing into the room.

The stunned teacher broke down in tears as the students serenaded him and Joe.

“They were all dressed up, they were smiling, and then I started crying,” Christopher said.

“If anything, I’m hoping when people see this video they know… it’s ok to share that,” he added.

“There might be a student in that choir who’s struggling at home or school, and to see the love that’s in that room lets them know that everything’s ok.”

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