Teacher takes students to father-daughter dance after their dad passes away

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November 02 2018

Michigan teacher Steve Culbert made two little girls’ year when he took them to a ‘Daddy-Daughter’ dance after their own father passed away earlier this year.

On September 19, Avery, seven, and Aliyia Reece, eight — who are former students of Culbert — lost their father Luke when he died of complications from a blood disorder. He was just 32 years old, reports Babble.com.

When Luke went into hospital and it became clear he may not be coming home, Steve thought about the upcoming dance and how sad the girls would be that they could not go with their own Dad.

“When I went home that night and was talking to my wife, we decided that I should ask them to join me and my daughters at the dance,” he said.

“First, I asked my daughters about the girls joining us and… what was going on, and they were more than eager to be part of making someone else feel good.”

Images: Steve Culbert

Images: Steve Culbert

Culbert’s wife made four beautiful homemade invitations to each of the girls. Sadly, on the day he gave the invitations to the girls, their Dad passed away. However, they said they would come with Steve and his daughters and were excited to go.

“The entire day was about them and [had] to be a big deal,” said Steve, who picked the girls up at home in the morning and took them for breakfast with his own family.

He also organized for their hair and nails to be done, and for all the girls to be picked up in a stretch limo.

Before heading into the dance, Steve handed the girls balloons to release into the sky. Each one held the hashtag #BeLikeLuke, which was meant to honor Luke’s great gift of being an organ donor.

“I wanted to give them the opportunity to show their dad love and respect,” he explained.

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