Mum's horror as son is pinned down by daycare worker - what would you do?

So upsetting

June 12 2019

A Sydney mum has posted photographs taken at her son’s daycare which clearly show a carer sitting on him and pinning him into a corner for “misbehaving.”

Sharing the pictures on a Mum’s Facebook group, the upset mother sought advice from other women.



“Hi ladies, looking for opinions on this,” she wrote. “This is my son at daycare. What I can see and been told is that he was not quiet and playing up during reading time.

“Usually what happens is the educator sits the misbehaving child next to them but I personally find these particular images quite extreme and disappointing.

“It’s very clear she has cornered him so he can’t move his legs and part of her is sitting on his leg.”

The woman concludes by saying she has spoken to the daycare centre’s director and has a meeting scheduled to discuss the matter, and asks how others would feel in the same situation.

Mums were quick to comment on the post and express their feelings about what had occurred.






“I would be so upset for my child which would quickly turn into anger at the educator,” wrote one mum.

“It looks like she is sitting on top of him and preventing him from seeing the book intentionally. What did your son say about it?” added another.

“My thoughts would be – get the F off my child. No way!!!!” raged a third.

What do you think? What would you do if this was your child?

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