Mum urges government to make tickling children ILLEGAL.

She wants boundaries put into place

February 05 2019

A mum went on national TV to reveal she wants tickling to be out-lawed, because kids can't consent to it. 

Lottie Daley's controversial beliefs were sparked after her good friend, comedian Russell Brand, said that he wanted to "punch himself" for tickling his friend's son because it was very disrespectful. 

'[It] makes me want to punch myself in the face,' Russell said. 

“Which is what I will do to anyone who tickles either of my daughters until they are old enough to decide for themselves whether they want to be tickled or not, which by my reckoning is at 35.”

Lottie went on TV's This Morning in the UK and agreed with Russell, "I asked my children, 'Do you like tickling?' and they said, 'Yes.'

"And I said, 'Would you like it if someone else did it?' and they said they would be scared… because it wasn’t me.

"I asked, would you speak up? and they said 'no'. I said well you can say no.

"We need to rethink the wider issue of consent, it’s not just applicable to teenagers, it’s applicable from birth.

"I think we should start to ask those questions and when you look at the wider context, we need to."

She added, 'On the face of it, what is wrong with a tickle? I have definitely been guilty of it -  before I knew better. 

'But when you start learning about body autonomy and consent for our children then  - we realise that we should be modelling this behaviour form birth.' 



But viewers were quick to disagree with Lottie's stance on tickling on social media - saying it was one step too far. 

"#ThisMorning discussing ‘should tickling children be made illegal’ what the hell has this world become. Next you won’t be able to pick up & cuddle your child! # worldsgonebloodymad"

Another added, 'Lottie needs to have a quiet word with herself!! If tickling becomes illegal, we may as well give up hope on humanity! Almost laughable! Lottie, go home and keep your head, morals and opinions to yourself! Daft!'

Lottie then went on to reveal how she also always asked her children if she could change their nappies when they were babies - so they understood they would have to consent to the request. 

"I want her to know that it's her body. It's not a case of them saying 'ye's or 'no,' it's modelling that repetition and a habit of checking in with your children and making sure they are happy with what you are doing with them...

"When I'm washing my daughters, who are a bit older, they are seven and five, when I've got to wash their bottoms, I do say, 'Can mummy just wash your bottom?' because sometimes you have to. And they say, 'yes' or 'no.'"

And viewers of the show agreed with her saying that it as important for children to learn that it was their body and they could say no to an adult touching them.

'This makes sense with older kids,' said one. 'Not sure with a baby, but it's a good point she's making.'

Tickling is already illegal in Virginia in the USA where you can't tickle a woman unless she gives her express consent. 

What do you think? Should tickling be illegal?


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