Mum BLASTED for this 'dreadful' baby girl's name - but is it really THAT bad?

A mum's quirky girls' name was SLAMMED when she posted it on-line...

May 28 2019

When a pregnant mum asked a parenting forum if they liked a girls name she had chosen, she did NOT expect to be ridiculed by fellow users. 

But boy, she was!

The anonymous woman asked whether the name “Princess” would be acceptable for her little one.

According to Nameberry, Princess ranked as #744 in a name popularity list but many parents are using it as a middle name.  


The real life Princess Charlotte!

The real life Princess Charlotte!


In a post on the Mumsnet Baby Names thread, she asked: “What do you think of Princess for a girl?”

The query racked up A LOT of comments, with most branding it as “awful”, “dire” and dreadful”.

One said, “I hate it. You should only be called Princess if you are a princess.”

Another remarked, “Oh no. I’m sure it’ll lead to endless teasing all her life, I think she’d much rather you give her another name.”

A third mused, “Unless you're giving birth to a teacup chihuahua, its a no from me.”

In fact, it seems only one parent on the thread was a fan of the name, but even they were concerned how Princess would fare as an older lady with that name!

The Mumsnetter replied: “Lovely on a baby, but as she got older (confused face).”