WEIRDEST bogan baby names of 2019 revealed – from Lettuce to Chlamydia! Yes, really!

Surely not!

March 10 2019

Could these win the awards for the craziest baby names of 2019 (and it's only March)? 

It certainly looks like it. 

In a recent discussion on parenting forum Netmums, parents shared the strangest baby names they had heard in recent months.





It sounds like many of the names were inspired by clothing  brands.

Nike and Armani are among the quirkiest on their list.

But food and drink names are popular too. Lettuce and Champagne caused a bit of a stir while hyphenated unique names - like Django-Wolf and Essence-Star- are obviously a huge trend in 2019.





But perhaps the most bizarre choice mentioned was Chlamydia which is the medical name for a sexually transmitted disease...






So would you give any of these names to your baby?


1. Maikayda-bliss 

2. Armani

3. Chlamydia

4. Lettuce

5. Champagne

6. Sparkle

7. Magic

8. Bon-Quisha

9. Aquamarine-Melody

10. Django-Wolf

11. Nike

12. Cinderella

13. Adidas

14. Sixteen (pronounced Sistine, like the chapel)

15. Manhattan