Mum's anger after having her baby name 'stolen'

She's asking for advice.

March 30 2017

There’s an unspoken code between parents-to-be: using someone else's chosen baby name should be avoided. 

So, when this mum found out her husband’s ex stole the name they had chosen for their child, naturally, she was livid.

Venting her frustration in a recent Mumsnet forum, user Deedee3311 asks if she should now change names.

In the thread titled, Husband’s ex stole my baby name, the mum explained: “His ex who he already has a son with who has just had a baby has actually stolen the name we were going to use.

“We are on amicable terms and she knew what name we had chosen, now she has robbed it. We call the baby by this name and it is THE name we want, but his son can't have two sisters called the same thing can he?!”

She signed off the post saying, “Livid”.

The reaction in the forum is mixed with some sympathising with the mum.

“I'd be fuming! She knew! And bloody stole it! I'd use it anyway. Bitch! Seriously, I'm annoyed on your behalf,” one person wrote.

On the other hand, people took her use of the word “stolen” quite literally.

“Get a grip, you can't steal a name, nobody owns them,” one commenter said.

Another added: “Oh dear, stolen/robbed a that actually possible? You have told someone of your intention to name a child x and they have chosen to use it, no theft involved!”

Thankfully, some brought some practical suggestion to the table.

“Why don't you switch the first and middle names then?” a woman responded. “I presume you also like the middle name... Very annoying though. I understand how put out you must feel. Baby names can get quite emotive within family / close friend circles.”

What do you think this mum should do? And is it ever OK to "steal" a baby name?