Mum reveals how she feeds her family of 8 for LESS than $10 a meal.

Her budget-busting tips are all here

May 10 2019

A mum-of-six has revealed her tips and tricks to feeding her family of eight for less than $10 a meal.

Christine Kolar, from Noarlunga, South Australia, was forced to budget when she had her sixth baby, but the clever mum hasn't looked back. 

‘We have saved thousands via meal planning,’ Christine revealed to FEMAIL. ‘I aim to make our meals fall under the $10 mark for a family of eight.'


She adds, 'Occasionally we will go over, but not usually. We eat a lot of one pot meals or traditional meat and three vegetables. Some might say this is impossible to achieve, but I have done it for years and totally beg to differ.'




So what EXACTLY do the family eat?

A typical week of meals includes:

* Savoury mince with pasta

* Moroccan rooster with mash and steamed greens

* Lasagne

* Barbecue

* Curried sausages with rice

* Pumpkin soup 

'The savoury mince with is a staple meal for us and it makes a very big pot,' Christine said.

'Kids have empty bowls, plus some had seconds - and all for $10.50.

'Seriously, the simple meals are sometimes more appreciated and everyone is fed and full and no breaking the budget.' 


Christine's TOP budget-busting tips!

  • Head to the shops around 2pm for the best price reductions in meat.
  • Also visit the shops an hour before they close to find great bargains.
  • Shop the day before a a public holiday for clearance bargains
  • Research catalogues to find the best special deals and sales. 
  • 'Shop' your pantry, fridge and freezer first because you'll be amazed at what you already have. Use up old ingredients before you buy anything new. 
  • Buy cheaper cuts of meat, or 'pieces that are already reduced'.
  • 'Frozen vegetables are cheaper and last longer, so I'll always buy them,' says Christine.
  • Use pasta or rice to make meals go further and add spices. You can add tinned lentils to mince to make it go further. 
  • Always know where the half-price shelf is in your supermarket and visit regularly. 

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