LEGO warning: Child finds more than $57,000 of meth HIDDEN inside box

What a shock!

May 09 2019

A child opened a gift of a box of Lego to find nearly $57,000 of meth stuffed inside, police have confirmed.

The yellow box was filled with the 3lbs of the methamphetamine drug and was on sale in a shop.

Three women from George, USA, bought the Lego in the second-hand store and gave it to a child, whose identity has not been revealed, only to find the drugs instead of the Lego.






Police said the women immediately called police and handed the drugs over to the sheriff's office, who called in Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

They added that drug dealers will often send boxes of drugs to stores in the hope that they will be picked up by other dealers. 

They also warned that dealers ship drugs to empty or abandoned addresses to be picked up, but United States Postal Service often won't leave packages at those sites. Instead, they're often left with a neighbor or auctioned off when unclaimed. Second hand stores often buy these goods, and sell them off without knowing what is inside.

Other Lego boxes similar to this are now being checked. 

No charges have been laid so far. 

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