'I lost 49kg after my first baby!'

New mum reveals how she lost her baby-weight

September 30 2018

Sydney based mum Sarah Kalousian lost a whopping 49kg after having her first baby.

When she hit 135kg in August 2016 she knew she had to do something and thanks to her diligent eating plan she is now 86kg and only 16kg away from her goal weight.

Sarah has reached her goal weight on the Atkins plan which is a low carb, high protein diet with shakes and protein bars for snacks and meal replacements.

what you dont see.. are the moments in between these pictures. the times I stepped on the scale day after day after day and nothing changed. when I wanted nothing more than to make it to the end of my hike but had to turn around within minutes, because I felt like I would collapse if I took another step. the weekends where no matter how much I begged myself to be strong, I just couldn't. and the following Monday's I promised myself I would be back on track and wasnt. you cant see the pride I felt walking into a store being able to fit in clothes right off the rack.. or the grin on my face when I had to ask for an even smaller size. what you can see in this picture is that when you grow from your failures, celebrate your victories... and continue placing one foot in front of the other.. change is inevitable. 💪🏼


Before she went on this plan, Sarah would indulge in sweet foods.

“I’m a sucker for chocolate and all sweet things,” she admits.

Now Sarah satisfies her cravings with Atkins protein bars and swaps high carb meals with low carb ones.

“I love bacon wrapped chicken, zucchini pasta and ham cheese egg roll ups!”

Sarah also says she feels more active and has more energy than before.

“My energy has increased a lot. I was boarder line diabetic before and after recently having a blood test everything came back perfect my cholesterol apparently is perfect also,” she admits.





“I don’t take any medication anymore. I used to have dark skin around my neck and I can honestly say after losing weight this has vanished,” she adds.

“I’ve learnt a lot about food which I honestly never knew! Its educated me a lot which I’m so grateful for.”

Sarah’s Day on the plate

Breakfast - ice espresso without milk and add in an Atkins shake or just an Atkins shake by itself.  Or sometimes I have 2 egg whites 1 yolks with spinach. 

Lunch - chicken with broccoli and zucchini or with salad.

Dinner is usually steamed veg and chicken or fish.

Snacks before or after lunch I'll have an Atkins bar or some fruit depending If I'm hungry or not.

After workout I'll have an Atkins bar or shake as a post workout meal.


"Usually six days a week I workout at home as I have a seven month old it's hard to go to the gym so I have a cross trainer, boxing bag, pull up machine, gym set with weights. 

"My workout consist of a minimum of 40 minutes on a cross trainer, along with a workout of weights. Every day I rotate workouts so one day arms, legs then abs. 

"I mainly workout once my husband comes home from work otherwise if we are training together we working around 8pm once out son is asleep as I don’t want to miss out on quality time with him. 

"Other times if I work out during the day it's usually with my son doing a HIIT workout (high intensity interval training) I'll carry him while doing squats, lay next to him doing leg raises and so forth."

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