Mum is nicknamed 'super mum' for meal-prepping more than 300 lunches for her child!

She was in the kitchen for 11 hours!

February 04 2019

An Aussie mum has been dubbed 'super mum' after she revealed she spent 11 hours in the kitchen meal prepping for her child's school lunch!

The woman, who described herself as a 'first-time kindy mum' took to Facebook to reveal how she'd filled her freezer preparing a staggering range of foods for her child for lunch for the coming weeks.

From the photos the mum-of-two posted online, there is a huge variety of kindergarten lunches - for every day of the week!

From chopped fruit and veggie snacks, there was also 60 pizza scrolls, 30 pikelets and 28 ham and cheese sandwiches.



The mum explained that she wasn't 'super organised' but wanted to be prepared as her little one settled into school.

She plans to freeze all the food she makes.

'As of this morning, we have a chest freezer. The plan is to freeze it all. I have two kids, but only one in school, as of tomorrow. The other is two. I do feel like I sold my soul. I don't cook at all, so this was a mission,' she wrote.

'I've never done anything like this before, so we'll see how it goes!' she added.

But her efforts impressed other Facebook users and the post won more than 1,000 likes and over 850 comments.

'You are insanely organised wish I had your energy to do all this it would make me feel like a super mum. Well done!' said one. 

Another added: 'You should be more than proud of yourself. I've been a Mum for 14 years and I've never kicked a*** like this!'

'Can you come do mine please,' begged a commenter. 'I spent hours in the kitchen and got nowhere near as much.'

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What the 'super mum' meal prepped!

* 25 lots of choc chip cookies

* 35 lots of sultanas

* 12 lots of snowpeas

* 20 lots of diced pineapple

* 24 lots of carrot sticks

* 16 lots of frozen berries

* 34 orange halves

* 60 lots of pizza scrolls

* 30 lots of pikelets

* 28 ham and cheese sandwiches

* 23 lots of assorted sizes of banana muffins 

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