Mum has C-section after giving birth naturally

Her story is incredible.

April 18 2017

A mum has shared the incredible story of how she delivered her baby just moments before doctors performed a caesarean - leading to a bizarre scenario where doctors couldn’t find her newborn. 

Amber Hughes, 21, was expected to have her newborn handed to her after the c-section but instead was horrified as her doctors looked panicked and confused.

For two whole minutes they were truly baffled until they heard little cries coming from my lap and pulled up the sheet to find Olly lying in between my legs,’ she told Daily Mail Online.

‘The doctor just explained that my baby had already begun his descent in the birth canal when they cut me open and it was an odd situation.’

Amber doesn’t find the situation amusing, however.

‘I was literally going into meltdown, where had my baby gone? It couldn't just disappear.’ she says.

‘I now wear a scar that wasn't needed, across my tummy.

‘For two minutes they had lost my baby. That is just ludicrous.'

The hospital is looking into the events so that Amber can have answers as to how a room full of doctors could miss her bub’s arrival. But in the meantime, Amber is grateful that Olly arrived safe and healthy.

This article originally appeared on that's life!