Watch this! The incredible video of dad driving - fast - while his wife gives birth!

Some might find this video too graphic...

May 26 2019

A proud dad has posted an incredible video of his wife delivering their fourth baby in the front seat of his car, while he’s still driving - fast - and his other three kids cry in the back seat!

Michael Anthony Addison was on the way to the hospital with his wife, Rudy, in labour when it became clear, their new baby girl, Jolee, was about to arrive.


With their other three children crying in the back, and his eldest son videoing every moment, Michael kept one hand on his wife's leg and the other on the steering well as he raced to the nearby Henderson Hospital in Nevada, USA.



And the video – which some might find too graphic – is definitely worth watching, if only because of the speed the dad goes as his wife delivers little Jolee!

Afterwards Michael put the video on Facebook, with the post quickly going viral, but Michael couldn’t be more proud.

‘I’ve done ALOT of “things” in the front seat of my vehicles😇🤐...But delivering a baby while driving AND with 3 crying kids in the back seat🙆🏽‍♂️Can I get a MVP or something! #jesustakethewheel #babygirl #ineedabeer#theregoesmycar INFINITI

@1:33 you see the water break and shoot all over my dashboard😐



Despite baby Jolee’s unusual birth, she is absolutely healthy. As the family screeched to a halt in the carpark of the hospital, nurses and doctors swarmed around the car and whisked mother and daughter inside to check they were OK.



Mum Rudy with Jolee/Facebook

Mum Rudy with Jolee/Facebook


But Michael admits he has one big problem… he now needs a new car because of the mess inside! ‘The front seat of the truck is ruined with blood and amniotic fluids,’ he revealed on Facebook! He's even launched a campaign to get her a new car!


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