Mum forces son to wear 'I'm a bully' t-shirt

Would you do this to your child?

September 20 2018

A mum forced her son to wear a t-shirt with the words I AM A BULLY on it after she heard he was calling kids names at school.

But now the punishment has caused a massive backlash with other parents labelling her a bully for making her son wear the shirt.

She made him wear the T-shirt and take photos which she then put on social media and told him to go to his school, in Texas, USA, in the shirt.

She said this was a way for the Year 5 student to show his bullied classmates that he was being punished for his bad behaviour.

The mum, known only as Star on TV show ABC 10, defended her actions by saying this was the way she chose to parent. 

'I'm a very old-school parent,' she said.'I don't coddle my children. I don't sugarcoat the world to them.' She added, 'I wanted to do something that would teach him why he can't do those things [and] why he needs to take other people into consideration.'

But she has been slammed by parents critical of her actions on social media and took down the photos of him, even though she stressed that the school were supportive of her punishment.


 In a statement obtained by Fox 8, a school representative said:

 'Ensuring a safe physical emotional and social environment is one of the Splendora ISD’s core principles. With that in mind our counselor checked on the child throughout the day on Friday and plans to follow up with the student and parent early this week.'


His mum added that her punishment had been effective as the boy had not bullied anyone again and had apologised for his behaviour.

What do you think about the mum's punishment? Cruel or effective?

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