Premature baby fights for life as parents run out of money

The family are also stranded far from home

September 20 2018

A Sydney couple are desperately trying to save the life of their premature baby, Sage, who was born at just 29 weeks old.

Tiny Sage was born early when her parents were on a trip to Tasmania. She was just 41cm at birth and is slowly recovering at an ICU unit in The Royal Hobart Hospital.

Sage’s mum, Alicia Dwyer, went into labour early while in Tasmania for a funeral and had to be airlifted to the hospital.

The couple have been told their daughter will need constant care and monitoring over the next two months.

The family have had to put their lives on hold as they cannot return to Sydney until Sage is stronger.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by a family member to help cover living costs and growing medical expenses.

‘Aaron and Alicia are proud people and would never ask for help; so I am. I'm asking on their behalf for help. Any form of donation would be greatly received no matter how small or large,’ the statement on the fundraising page reads.

Thankfully Aaron’s job is being held for him in Sydney, and little Sage grows stronger every day.

To donate to Sage's fund, visit GoFundMe.