"I breastfed my baby while I said my vows"

Mum feeds her baby son in the middle of her wedding

October 12 2018

When Camille Adair walked down the aisle to wed her partner she wanted their baby, Milo, to be part of the ceremony too. So she decided to carry him in lieu of a bunch of flowers.

“My bouquet was my baby,” she told wedding site Offbeat Bride. “I not only couldn’t afford a bouquet, but my baby hadn’t slept. He was exhausted, mad, and by the time I got up there, HUNGRY.

“So … I nursed my baby at the altar. I could feel the warmth, and the love, and the approval, and the respect from everyone in every direction.”

William, I am so thankful to be standing here with you and all the people who love us. I am thankful to be here in life, to have met a match in moons, to have seen my equal in the flesh. Through patience and practice, I have lived to experience a fairytale. I have witnessed selflessness beyond what I could ever imagine I deserve, and a love true. For this hour, I have begged. I have begged to be seen, heard and held since i was 16 years old; To the universe and its distractions I offered my time and my devotion with a fervency that could not be extinguished by abuse or by repetition. For this hour, I begged and I waited until I gave up. The universe gave to me what I have begged for, when I had finally stopped looking. In return, I vow to love you and any more babies we may create for years to come. I vow to challenge you, and to grow with you, and to respect you each and every day that I live. I vow to hold you close and to hold you accountable. I vow to never stop telling you how beautiful you are. I vow to be your rock. I vow to rock your world. I vow to be your partner until the day that I die.

When questioned about her reasons for carrying her child on her wedding day, Camille says it’s because she wanted him to part of the wedding.

“Before I’m a wife, before Dallas is a husband, and without one another, we are Milo’s mom and dad,” she explained.

“And so we held our baby, did our handfasting with him in our arms, and said our vows with him on my boob. He is embedded in our forever. He was our initial contract. That’s why we held our baby.”

Camille’s non-traditional wedding cost just $1000. Her beautiful flower crown was made by her best friend, she made her own invitations and the couple made their own homebrew to share with loved ones.

For the reception meal, the couple had a potluck. “My manager suggested a potluck, she said everyone would be honored and that I should try it,” Camille said.

“My first thought was everyone would think we were tacky… and POOR, but we really didn’t care.

“I had the wedding of my dreams with or without anyone’s permission and that is what mattered to both me and my husband."

Photos: @tiffanytrivettephotography_