'My mother-in-law REFUSES to call her grandkids by their proper names - because she HATES the ones I chose!'

Strange but true

February 25 2019

A furious mum has revealed how her mother-in-law refuses to call her grandkids by their proper names - because she doesn't like them.

Instead she only calls her grandkids by the names she WANTED them to be called.

The woman wrote on Reddit that she was at the end of her tether with her MIL but doesn't know how to handle the situation.





The name saga started five years ago when the grandma announced that she wanted to call her grand daughter the unusual name of Amazing Grace - as a mark of religious respect to the hymn of the same name. 

When the baby's parents refused, the bossy grandma did not back down and told her daughter-in-law, "Y'all can name her whatever you want, but I'm gonna call he Mazie. Short for Amazing Grace," the harrassed mum wrote on the website. "Who the F does that?"

The mum didn't reveal what the little girl's real name was but she said this has been going on for the last five years!

Then two years ago, when the second grandchild arrived, the mother-in-law said she preferred the new baby's middle name so she will ONLY call her by that name!

In a sad twist, the mum then updated her original post to explain that her husband died in July and for now, she and her kids are stuck living with her in-laws. Unfortunately, this is making the situation worse.

"My partner and I have always hated the nickname," she wrote, "but when he was alive we only saw them a couple times a month, so it wasn't as annoying." 







The whole post has now been deleted - but the comments remain and they are mainly quick to agree that the mother-in-law's behaviour is bizarre and disrespectful.

 'I would start calling her by a different name,' said one commenter. 'It's rude, offensive and totally undermines you.'

'She needs to give you a massive apology and start calling your kids by their PROPER names - now' said another.

'Pack up and leave,' said one more. 'This is not acceptable to anyone. You, the kids or the memory of your husband.'

It's not known what action the daughter-in-law is taking but she certainly has the internet on her side!