Why so many people have the middle name, Louise


March 16 2017

While this is an exaggeration, Louise was once a popular choice for a middle name in Australia.

Mamamia explains that in the 1980s Louise was the third most popular middle name for girls born in Australia.

Why were parents so keen on Louise?

Back then parents were apparently less concerned with honouring past family members and instead prioritised giving their children a beautiful name.

To do this, rhythm is important. Popular girls names in the mentioned decade had two or three syllables.

An article published on the blog Upswing Baby Names explains how names "play nice" together: syllables. 

“For example, compare a 2-4-2 pattern (Lena Felicity Adele) to a 2-2-4 pattern (Lena Adele Felicity).”

Similarly, an article on Nameberry stresses the importance of unequal numbers of syllables (2-3-2, 2-4-2, definitely not 2-2-2).

However, contrary to these rules, a popular (subconscious) pattern in the 80s and 90s was to have a two-syllable first name with the first syllable accented, followed by two-syllable middle name with the last syllable accented, i.e Louise.

So there you have it.

How many people do you know with Louise as a middle name?