'She felt she wasn't worthy' The family of mum who threw baby from car speak about her post-natal depression

New details have emerged

December 04 2018

A Californian woman who was hospitalised after she allegedly threw her baby girl from a moving car in Bali in November, has now been told of her daughter's death.

Nicole Stasio, 32, gave birth to Arya Rose in September before she allegedly killed the baby by throwing her out of the car and then moments later threw herself from the car too. 

She was on her way to the airport to catch a flight home to California, but half way there she reportedly changed her mind and refused to leave Bali.

After she was taken to hospital, police discovered the body of her baby. 

Authorities said that Nicole's post-natal depression was so severe they had made the decision not to tell her about the death of her baby as she lay in hospital. 






 Daily Mail reports that weeks after the incident Stasio has finally been told her daughter didn't survive

Dove Jeans, Stasio's aunt, said, "One of the signs of extreme postpartum depression is pushing away the support of friends and family. It's just one of those conditions that is silent. People won't talk about it.

"They feel like inadequate mothers. They don't want to share these feelings because it makes them feel like they're unfit mothers and they're hormonal so it's not their fault." 

"An accumulation of things happened to her in the last two months to the point where she maybe felt ashamed of her life, that she couldn't live up to it and wasn't worthy." 

Although she remains in hospital, Stasio's immediate future looks uncertain with question marks over whether or not she will return to the States.

Local police have said they are unlikely to charge her over her daughter's death due to her severe postpartum depression. 





Her parents had been with her in Bali before the birth of Arya Rose but they returned to the US and Nicole was alone on the island. She told her aunt that the baby's father was not in the picture and she planned to raise the baby alone. 

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