Update: Mum with severe post-natal depression - who threw her baby from a moving car - DOESN'T know her daughter has died

This is awful

November 22 2018

A mum, suffering from postnatal depression, who allegedly threw her daughter out of a moving car in Bali, hasn't been told her newborn baby has died.

Nicole Stasio, 32, of California, is said to have jumped out of the car straight after she threw Arya Rose out, without warning in Denpasar in Bali.

Villagers found the baby with severe injuries less than a mile from where Nicole leapt out of the vehicle. Arya Rose died in hospital about seven hours later.



Nicole Stasio

Nicole Stasio


The mum has been detained at Sanglah Hospital but officers are still waiting to question her.

Because of her mental state, they don't want to tell her that her two-month-old daughter has died.

Police chief Nyoman Wiarajaya said, 'With this condition, it is unlikely we will make her a suspect. We are still guarding and protecting her, so she will not be more shocked and even more depressed knowing that her baby also died.'

He added that the mum arrived in Bali with her parents in July. After they left, she gave birth in September but would not say who the father of the baby was.

'She refused to answer when they (the parents) asked about her baby's father,' Wiarajaya said, quoting information from the driver and tour guide who had accompanied the family since they arrived.

'But she gave the impression that she was unmarried and her family preferred that she give birth to a child abroad, like wanting to avoid something,' he said.


Nicola Stasio/Facebook

Nicola Stasio/Facebook


Nicole's driver, Wayan Siaja, and a guide, Made Arimbawa, told police they had taken Stasio and her daughter to Bali's international airport on Tuesday evening.

But Stasio changed her mind during the car trip and told them to take her back to Ubud. 

After the tragic events unfolded, police found her in a very distressed state but they had no idea there was a baby involved.  Locals then found the infant with severe injuries and raced her to Mandara Hospital where she later died.