Meghan's shock 'pregnancy contract'!

Have you ever heard of this?

October 29 2018

Meghan Markle drew up a 'pregnancy contract' with her first husband in a bid to get herself back into shape after the baby was born. 

Meghan, 37, who is now expecting a baby with her second husband Prince Harry, created the contract with Trevor Engelson and he agreed he would pay for child care, a personal trainer, a nutritionist and cover financial costs to help her along if they conceived a baby.


Meghan and first husband, Trevor Engelson. Getty.

Meghan and first husband, Trevor Engelson. Getty.


The contract also outlined how the couple would employ a nanny so that Meghan could return to work on the show Suits.

Pregnancy contracts are becoming really popular in America, especially in Los Angeles.

Although they tend to cover parental responsibilities after giving birth, like the division of household duties, they canals include childcare arrangements, financial expectations and nutritionists. 

At the time of the agreement, said to have been a couple of years after her 2011 wedding to producer Trevor, Meghan was was starring in Suits.

Talking to DailyMail TV one of Meghan's friends said no lawyers were involved but Meghan wrote a hand-written letter to her husband which he signed. 

The Duchess, 37, was very serious about the contract and Engelson agreed to her wishes.






Harry and Meghan are currently in New Zealand at the end of the 16-day tour of Australia, the South Pacific and New Zealand. The couple announced their pregnancy as they touched down in Sydney. 

Would you, or have you, ever considered a pregnancy contract?