MAFS shock: Dumped Lauren finds love with Mick!

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Writer / February 17 2019


Married At First Sight contestants Lauren and Matt may have been the first couple to leave the show, but it looks like makeup artist Lauren has since found comfort in the arms of another jilted husband – farmer Mick!


According to weekly magazine New Idea, Lauren and Mick, who was originally matched with part-time model Jessika by the experts, have been secretly dating since filming of the hit reality show wrapped.

“Jess always had her suspicions that something was going on between them,” says the mag.

“She didn’t care because she never liked Mick. In fact, Jess actually had the hots for Sam too so there was a bit of a love triangle going on between her, Sam and Ines there for a while, so her attention was not on Mick whatsoever.”


Quick selfie before hubby comes back with dinner 🍕💘#happyvalentinesday #MAFS
Quick selfie before hubby comes back with dinner 🍕💘#happyvalentinesday #MAFS
Sorry Mel you are gonna have to pay to touch the moe! #MAFS
Sorry Mel you are gonna have to pay to touch the moe! #MAFS


Lauren and Matt both decided to leave the show last night. Last week, Matt, who lost his virginity to Lauren, revealed he did not find her attractive and could not see a future with her. She was devastated by his confession - especially as he told other contestants on the show before her. 

Now though, apparently, she's found happiness with her new secret romance.  And once Mick and Jessika leave the experiment in a few weeks’ time, Lauren and Matt will reveal their love for each other. “Obviously they don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too early because Mick is still on the show and producers would absolutely flip out,” says the mag. 

“They really hit it off, probably better than any of the other couples on the show. They had such great banter, were both from the country and could really just make each other laugh. There’s no doubt Mick had more in common with Lauren than Jess and really, they should have been matched together from the start," says New Idea.



MAFS is a huge ratings winner for Channel Nine and last night more than a million viewers tuned in again to watch the juggernaught of love disasters.


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