Lyft driver rescues toddler walking alone in the rain at night

What a hero!

Content Editor / February 18 2019

Californian Lyft driver Del Hedrick was dropping a customer off late at night when he spotted a toddler wandering right across the road in front of his car.

It was 10.30pm and the 18-month-old was soaking wet, barefoot and only wearing a onesie.

“Rain is pouring, it's 40 degrees outside and I froze. It was scary. It was a really scary moment,” he told ABC affiliate KGO.

“She was crying her eyes out," Hedrick said. "I mean, she was crying hard. Hard hard hard, looking around. I mean, you could tell she was looking for an adult or parent.”

The father of two picked up the little girl and tried knocking on doors at the apartment complex to find out where she lived.

When nobody recognized her, he took the toddler into his car and turned on the heat, trying to warm her up and calm her down while he waited for law enforcement officials to arrive.

Eventually the little girl’s mother was found at the complex. She said that her 17-year-old nephew was babysitting while she went to work that night.

“She just had to pull the handle down and the door opens wide up. We're not allowed to add any additional anything,” she said in reference to locking devices on the door. The woman said she left for work not long before the girl apparently went outside.

It is believed the little girl may have tried to follow her mum out the door, wondering where she went.

Police say she had been outside for only a few minutes, and that no charges will be filed. They have also hailed Del as a 'community hero' for rescuing the little girl and potentially saving her life.

The toddler is now safe at home and doing well.

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