LOLLIES have been SLASHED to half price! $1.50 sale is on right now! Find out where!

Quick, run don't walk!

March 15 2019

Big W have slashed the price on Allen’s sweets - including Strawberries & Cream, Chicos, Snakes Alive, Red Frogs and Party Mix - by 50 per cent!

The supermarket giant has slashed prices on a huge range of sweets and lollies, just days after Woolworths halved the prices of ALL its freezer goods.

Most bags are going for $1.50 in this huge half-price sale!

The news was announced by Facebook page I Bought It At and hundreds of fans raced to stores to stock up on their lollies at Big W.



At the moment it seems that there are plenty of half-price bargains to be had in Australia - where'll be next?

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