Lachy Wiggle doesn’t look like this anymore – but Emma loves it!

His hot new look drives fans wild!

August 23 2018

The Wiggles star Lachy showed off his shock new look on Instagram to fans delight - and Emma looks enthralled!

Purple Wiggle Lachy sent his fans into a spin when he and Emma, the Yellow Wiggle, posed for an Instagram pic and he had a new beard, longer hair and a fancy new look!

The Wiggles followers were big fans of the new-look Lachy (complete with wig) and so was fellow Wiggle, Anthony, the Blue Wiggle, who left a message on the page saying Lachy looked like Bo Brady from Days Of Our Lives!

Lachy, left,  and Bo Brady, right! Credit: Getty.

Lachy, left, and Bo Brady, right! Credit: Getty.

Other fans thought he looked like Hugh Jackman, Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones, Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen from House Rules and ex-Beatle George Harrison!

But it was the look of ‘love’ on Emma’s face that made super-fans think that the couple might just be able to resurrect their love and make a go of their marriage.

Emma and Lachy! Credit: Instagram

Emma and Lachy! Credit: Instagram

‘They are just meant to be,’ said one fan. While another added, ‘Hope to see you guys get back together.’

Whatever the future holds, it certainly looks like Lachy will be keeping the beard. He later posted a video of himself singing and it looks like that beard is here to stay!

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram