Instagram influencer parents spend $140,000 on their one-year-old's birthday party

Loose change

July 10 2019

British world champion boxer Amir Khan and his Instagram influencer wife Faryal Makhdoom has baffled parents everywhere, after spending a whopping AUD140,000 on their child's first birthday.

They went to extreme lengths for their daughter Alayna for her jungle-themed party.

The ostentatious party had a jungle-themed dancefloor, costumed animal dancers and fairy lights decorated everywhere.

Their oblivious daughter also had a four-tier cake, and an incredibly over the top grazing table for guests to enjoy.

Photos from the day were posted on the couples Instagram pages, which were met with a lot of criticism.

One commenter regarded their spending as a "disgusting waste of money."

Others defended the couple's choices. "If I had as much money as Amir has I would spend every penny on my child too," they wrote.

Makhdoom later appeared on British television show Loose Women to justify their spending.

"I work really hard and so does my husband," she explained. "Everyone's different, everyone has a budget."

The total price tag of the extreme birthday party, to her, was estimated to be "like, three per cent" of their combined annual income.

Previously, the couple had spent $180,000 on their eldest daughter Lamaisha's second birthday party in 2016. 

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