MIL takes photos at baby's 1st birthday and crops mum out of EVERY pic


Content Editor / February 15 2019

A baby’s first birthday is special for many reasons; it’s a time to celebrate your child, to congratulate yourself for getting through the first year, and a chance to share the love with your friends and family.

One Mum was horrified, however, when she realized that her mother-in-law, who had been asked to document the day by taking photos, had cropped her out out of all the pics!

“This past weekend my daughter had her first birthday party,” she explained on Reddit. “I was running around and asked my mom and my MIL to make sure they got plenty of pictures.



“My mother got some special shots… however I am cut out of EVERY SINGLE PICTURE that my MIL took.

“So much so that if I was on the right side of the photo there’s even more room on the left side to specifically avoid having me in the shot.

“There’s some of my husband with our daughter opening presents… and in every one you can just see my arm or my knee,” she fumes.



The woman’s MIL took pictures of herself with the baby, the woman’s husband with the baby… pretty much everyone except baby and mum.

When she raised the issue with her MIL, she got a very strange response, too.

"I wish I was in some [of the photos] ... I noticed I am cut out of all your pictures,” she wrote.

Instead of apologizing for the ‘mistake’ her MIL texted back ‘found one!’ and instead tried to play off one of the photos her husband took as her own.

This time the mum was more direct. "I replied ‘thanks -- so glad [FIL] took one.’ But in reality, the damage had already been done. "I'M FUMING!!!!!!" she wrote.



Readers were swift to commiserate with the mum, saying she would be justified in cutting her MIL out of her life.

“Oh look, she managed to get rid of all the evidence that you were at your own child’s first birthday,” wrote one. “Return the favour and make sure she isn’t at the second.”

“MIL is gaslighting by trying to pretend she didn’t deliberately leave you out of photos… even though she explicitly did that,” said another.

Later in the thread, the mum admitted this wasn't the first time it had happened either.

“It was like this at our wedding too. She dictated every picture -- hubby with sister, hubby with dad, hubby with her (and her clinging on to his arm for dear life), hubby with her and sister and dad etc .... I just stood on the side watching.”

She also added that while she didn’t think it would happen again, she wants her MIL to “suffer a little.”

“I’m sick of her not being held accountable for anything… she lives with her head in the clouds,” she said.

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