SCIENTIFIC PROOF! If you want something from your husband THIS is the best time to ask...

Ready, steady, go!

March 26 2019

Do you want your partner to do something for you? 

It could be anything from taking out the trash, to organising a weekend away... and if the answer is yes, scientists have found there is one key time of the day that he is more likely to agree.

According to a study of more than 1000 people the magic time that a man will agree to most requests is 6pm.



And if you're looking to start a row with your partner, the best time to WIN an argument is 3pm - apparently mid-afternoon is when most men will NOT argue back!

The poll, carried out for pharmaceuticals giant and contraceptives manufacturer Bayer Schering Pharma, asked 1000 men and women a series of questions and 86 per cent said they were aware of regular peaks and troughs in their mood.

Men admitted they knew they were far more likely to agree to requests at the end of the working day, and they're far more likely to walk away from a row during the mid-afternoon slump!

Oh, and if you're looking for a promotion at work, the best time to ask is at 1pm rather than first thing in the morning because you are way more likely to win your boss over!

The findings of the poll suggest that by taking into account the natural emotional peaks and troughs that we all experience over the day people are more likely to get what they want.

Evie Bentley, a psychotherapist and specialist in natural biorhythms, said: "Each biorhythm cycle is regulated by the brain, which controls what hormones and how much of each are produced in order to balance bodily function. A great deal of how a person feels physically, intellectually, and emotionally, is caused by their biorhythms."





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