Homeless mum is forced to sleep in police station

This mum and her seven kids had to spend the night on plastic chairs

August 12 2018

A homeless mum was forced to sleep at a police station with her seven children, rather than sleep on the streets. 

Margaret Cash, 28, was forced to seek help at the station after an emergency homeless service couldn't find any overnight accomodation for them. 

Irish Margaret became homeless last September after the private house she was renting became repossessed. She had been living in emergency accomodation ever since, but that fell through and the mum was forced to go to the police station and ask for somewhere to stay for the night. 

The Irish mum posted photos of her kids in their school uniform sleeping on hard plastic chairs on social media hoping to garner some support.

 But rather than sympathy, there was a vicious backlash after followers saw that she had spent money on beer and a Holy Communion dress for her one daughter. 

 'Yes, I got a box of beer for €16 and I had a few drinks with an old friend of mine. What’s the big deal? You have to live your life and try and make the best of everything you can.

'My daughter made her Communion. Yes she had a nice big dress. The price of a dress is not going to get me a house. I paid that off out of my dole and my child benefit, bit by bit, in the months coming up to her making her Communion,' blasted Margaret.
Credit: Facebook.

Credit: Facebook.