Has this home birth mum gone too far?

A video shared on Instagram showed this mum only had her husband and dog at the birth

August 13 2018

A woman has sparked a storm of controversy after her home birth was shared to Instagram, revealing she had no medical help during the birth.

The birth was shown on a page (that wasn't the mother's) and her husband is clearly seen sitting in the bath with her while she has her baby.

But medical professionals have questioned if this was a safe way to give birth after her dog is clearly seen to be in the bathroom with her. 

While her husband helps her give birth to their child, he tells his wife that she is 'unbelievable'. 


Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

But medical professionals believe that promoting this kind of birth can be dangerous if people try to have a baby at home without any medical care or a midwife present. 

However, many mums who have had un-assisted home births have hit back at the suggestion that her baby was in danger and having her dog in the bathroom made it unsafe and unclean.

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Obstetrician Dr Alexander Polyakov told The Daily Telegraph that bloggers promoting home births could create problems.

Dr Polyakov said: 'Even in prehistoric times people knew not to give birth in water, there was no justification for it.'

But the woman who uploaded the birth onto social media says there are numerous studies proving un-assisted home births are perfectly safe. "Who could ever have imagined that such a picture of utter bliss, clearly a safe, successful and satisfying experience for mother, father and baby could attract such ire."

What do you think of unassisted homebirths?