Mum shot dead at home while her young daughter slept

"Four little innocent children have lost their mum"

November 22 2018

A mother of four was shot in the stomach yesterday at her home in Geelong in Victoria.

Police and emergency services arrived on the scene just after 9pm yesterday. She was rushed to hospital but died from her injuries, Nine News reports.

Her grandmother has spoken out about the devastating impact the incident has had on their family.

“She’s a loving mum and that’s all that mattered. She didn’t deserve this, no-one does. It’s just horrible,” Doreen Forehan said.

“Not to forget that there's four little innocent children in this that have lost their mum so it's just devastating.”

Her toddler daughter, who was sleeping at the time, was uninjured.

Her 25-year-old boyfriend was arrested at the scene, and is being questioned by police in custody.

A search is believed to be underway in a nearby reserve for the murder weapon.

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