How to stay healthy when flying

Because long haul flights take a toll on our immune systems

July 28 2016

Fiona Tuck, an accredited nutritional practitioner and FESS Frequent Flyer wellness expert, shares her tips on how to stay hydrated, rested and healthy when travelling.

Eat well: Help calm nerves and reduce anxiety before flying by eating tryptophan rich foods such as salmon, turkey, chicken, milk and bananas.

Reset your watch: To quickly reset your body clock and alleviate feelings of jetlag, adjust to the eating and sleeping times of the country you’re on route to visit.

Stay hydrated inflight: Travel with a large bottle of water, electrolyte tablets and fresh fruit to keep you hydrated. Fruit provides fibre for healthy digestion; potassium for hydration and antioxidant-fighting nutrients to keep your immune system strong.

Protect yourself: Use a saline nasal spray throughout the flight to keep your nasal passages hydrated; to ward-off sinus congestion and invasion from airborne germs.

Close your eyes: Wear an eye mask to dim bright lights and to aid the production of the relaxation and sleep hormone melatonin. Try eye drops or mist to keep tired eyes refreshed and moisturised.

Boost your circulation: Gentle, regular ankle rotations and calf stretches will keep your circulation and lymphatic system moving to avoid puffy feet and ankles.

Happy travels! 

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