Veteran flight attendant calms SCREAMING baby with GENIUS trick

So clever!

Content Editor / May 15 2019

Taking young children on flights is always fraught with stress. Kids are unpredictable and no-one wants to be the person with the screaming baby on a plane.

However, one woman was amazed when she witnessed a clever flight attendant instantly calm a crying baby on a plane by simply blowing bubbles for her.

“There was a mother and her 2 young girls in front of me on the plane and the baby suddenly had a very loud crying fit that wouldn't stop,” she told Love What Matters.

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Getty Images

“The mother looked so stressed and it just made my heart break for her because nothing was helping the little girl.

“This Southwest employee asked the mother to come to the back of the plane with him. I looked back and saw him blowing bubbles for the little girl until she stopped crying.”

The kind-hearted attendant was also giving tissues to the children’s mother and consoling her – as she was crying too.

“There are some seriously kind people in this world,” the woman added.

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Getty Images

Blowing bubbles can actually help reduce anxiety, so it’s a good tool for parents who are feeling anxious, as well as a clever way to calm and entertain kids.

Apparently, the act of blowing bubbles forces people to stop what they are doing and focus on their breathing, which can help reduce anxiety levels.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Nicola Conville has worked as a journalist and editor for more than 20 years across a wide range of print and online publications. Her areas of expertise are parenting, health and travel. She has two children; Lucy, age eight, and Nathan, age five.