First baby in China born from womb donated by his own GRANDMOTHER!


January 23 2019

A Chinese woman who received a womb donated by her mother after a uterus transplant in 2015 gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

The boy, weighing 2kg, is the first baby in China - and the 14th in the world - to be born from a transplanted uterus.

His 26-year-old mum, Yang Hua, was born with no womb or vagina, and had a uterine transplant from her mother in order to have a baby via IVF.

Ms Hua has had a long and challenging journey to motherhood.

A team of nearly 40 doctors at the hospital participated in the transplant operation, which lasted for 14 hours.

Xijing Hospital

Xijing Hospital

Ms Yang became pregnant in June last year on the fifth attempt at implanting an embryo fertilised through IVF.

Doctors say the baby's birth brings hope to some one million women in China who have infertility due to reproductive issues.

The c-section was carried out when Ms Hua was almost 34 weeks pregnant, as it was thought the growing baby may put pressure on her transplanted uterus, according to China News

Her baby son was born healthy, doctors say.

After hearing about the birth of her grandson, Ms Yang's mother said: “At the time, I thought even if it meant to lose my life, I wanted to give my daughter a complete body.

“I hope her to have a new life.”

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