Father of four children killed in 'murder-suicide' crash breaks his silence

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Content Editor / June 26 2019

James McLeod, the father of the four children who were killed in a head-on collision with a truck in a suspected murder-suicide, has spoken out.

The crash claimed the lives of Charmaine McLeod and her four children, Aaleyn, six, Matilda, five, Wyatt, four, and Zaidok, two.

“I'm just absolutely gutted that someone they trusted and loved could do that to them,” Mr McLeod told Nine News.

“To be let down like this and to have my children returned back to me in urns is just the worst feeling I have ever endured.”

Nine News

Nine News

The crash was initially treated as an accident, however when detectives found a note near the scene, they suspected that Mrs McLeod had caused the collision deliberately.

The couple had separated two years previously, and he now says he has nothing to live for now that his children have been taken away.

He also said that he had fears his ex-wife would harm the children in some way, claiming he spoke to the judges, lawyers and Family & Community Services, but no-one would listen to him.

Nine News

Nine News

“They've all turned a blind eye. This all could have been prevented if they did something. (I've been telling them) for years.”

“I'm angry with the system for not protecting them... there's a big hole in my heart where they used to be.”

Mr McLeod also said he knows his children are running around in heaven and he will join them again when his time comes.

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