“What it’s really like to lose a child who is just 311 days old”

Just heartbreaking

November 20 2018

The parents of a baby who died at just 10 months have described the heartbreak they endured when they had to say goodbye to their beloved son Sebastian.

Edwina and Ant Symonds penned an emotional open letter on news.com.au saying they couldn’t be prouder of little Seb, however, as they agreed for his organs to be donated shortly after his death.

“Our ten-month-old son, Sebastian, The Seb, or Sebby to those who knew him, gained a magnetic command of a room anywhere he ventured. He was chubby, robust and completely loveable,” they wrote.

“He died when he was 311 days old.”

Sebastian had lived a full and happy life, but was diagnosed with a very rare form of epilepsy at six months. This was controlled by medication, and he only had four significant seizures in his short life, however the last one proved tragically fatal.

Edwina and Ant Symonds with their son Sebastian/news.com.au

Edwina and Ant Symonds with their son Sebastian/news.com.au

“On the night before Sebby died, we gave him a beautiful send-off. His friends and family surrounded him and said goodbye. He got hundreds of kisses and so much love whispered in his tiny ears,” he parents wrote.

“We have suffered the ultimate heartbreak. They say no parent should have to endure the loss of a child and now living with this pain, we cannot agree more.

“Sebby’s brain died before the rest of his body did. While this sounds like the worst news for any parent to hear, it set off the rare occurrence of stars aligning for organ donation.”

Shortly after his death, Edwina and Ant were asked if they would consider donating Sebastian’s organs and they quickly agreed.

“While we battled the immense pain of being told our baby had died, we took solace in knowing the pain we felt that day would have been proportionate to another family’s happiness. Our rivers of sad tears, matched with tears of joy from the recipient’s family. Seb’s gift gave hope where ours had been lost.

“We think often of that phone call, to a person who had been living their life on dialysis. The Seb changed that person’s life. This brings us so much pride.”

For more information about organ donation visit donatelife.gov.au