Shocking new twist: Truck driver who saw fatal crash of mum and four kids breaks his silence.

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June 03 2019


A truck driver who was travelling behind Charmaine McLeod when her car crashed, killing herself and her four children, says she was NOT overtaking when she ended up on the other side of the road.  

Charmaine, 35, and her children Wyatt, 4, Aaleyn, 6, Zaidok, 2, and Matilda, 5, died on the Bunya Highway near Kingaroy in what police described as a possible murder suicide.

But, only two people witnessed the crash – the driver of the truck behind her and the driver of the truck involved in the collision.

Now, the driver of the truck behind, named Mark, posted on social media about the crash because he said he wanted Ms McLeod's family to know the facts.


Charmaine's children

Charmaine's children


'I must clear something up that is unfair on this poor family,' he wrote.

'This poor mother was not overtaking me, absolutely nothing in my witness statement suggests she was overtaking me.

'I was right behind her and although I won't discuss anything I saw with anyone other than the detective in charge, I will not let this family think she overtook me dangerously. She did not. Fact.' 

Police said Charmaine was overtaking a truck on the crest of the road, when she collided head-on with a truck coming the other way.

But Mark said she had overtaken him some distance back, without incident.

'It's just not right that the families who are going through hell will spend the rest of their lives thinking those kids died because their mother overtook dangerously,' he added. 

'I can't talk about the impact in front of me, but I can say she overtook me very safely. 

'What happened in front of me few dozen metres later is up to the experts to determine.'

A funeral service for the five family members is expected to be held later this week.



A handwritten note found just 200 metres from the scene of a crash that killed a mum and her four young children has prompted police to investigate the cause of their deaths even further. 

The note is thought to have been written by the mum Charmaine Harris McLeod, 35, who was driving with her children Aaleyn, 6, Matilda, 5, Wyatt, 4 and Zaidok, 2, when they over took a truck and collided head on with another truck on the Bunya Highway in Queensland. 

The family were three hours away from their home in Hervey Bay, but there is no plausible explanation for this as yet.


Charmaine with two of her children/Facebook

Charmaine with two of her children/Facebook


The handwritten note is a chilling twist in the incident that has rocked Australia.

This letter, along with the absence of skid marks at the scene, resulted in specialist officers and homicide detectives being brought into the case, The Courier Mail reported. 

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart confirmed the crash was 'absolutely' being investigated as a homicide.

He said homicide detectives were working the case as 'there is a potential that there was an intention for someone to die'.  



New information has emerged regarding the tragic crash that claimed the lives of a mother and her four children in Queensland earlier this week.

Police are investigating why there were no skid marks from the vehicle of Charmaine McLeod when her car slammed head-first into an oncoming truck on the Bunya Highway near Kumbia.

The accident killed the 35-year-old mum and her children, Aaleyn, six, Matilda, five, Wyatt, four, and Zaidok, two.

Other evidence has been brought into question, with police involving specialist officers to be brought into the investigation. 

The family were travelling around three hours from their home when the incident occurred.

Ms McLeod's ex-husband and father of her four children said there was a lot about the tragic accident which didn't add up, but he was waiting for police to get to the bottom of it.

"Once the police investigation is done the story is going to explode again," he told the Daily Mail.

"I just want to wait for the facts and the police are going to report the facts," he said.

Road Policing Command Superintendent Dave Johnson said that officers were keeping "an open mind" in their inquiries.

At this stage, the five deaths have not been added to the Queensland road toll.



A mum and her four young children were killed in a head-on crash in a 'catastrophic' accident last night.

The mother, 35, was driving near Kumbia in Queensland's South Burnett area, when she moved out on the road to overtake a truck.

But her Nissan station wagon smashed into an oncoming truck, rolled over and caught alight. 


9 news

9 news


The mother and three of her children, all aged under 10, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Her fourth child, a girl believed to be aged six, was taken to Kingaroy Hospital with life threatening injuries, but she died during attempts to air lift her to Queensland Children's Hospital. 

The driver of the truck involved in the collision was taken to hospital. 

A policeman at the scene told Channel 9: 'It's certainly one of the worst accidents I've ever seen. It's just a tragedy for everyone involved.' 

Investigations are continuing and police are expected to remain on the scene for hours.

The family are believed to be from Eli Waters near Hervey Bay.