Don't tell the kids! There's a global shortage of NUTELLA - it's official.

Say it ain't so!

June 05 2019

Fans of Nutella face global shortages of the chocollate and hazelnut spread after strikes SHUT the factory that makes a quarter of the world’s supply.

The site in Normandy, France — which produces 600,000 jars of the hazelnut and cocoa spread a day — has been at a near standstill for a week.






Angry workers at the famous French factory have blocked trucks from entering or leaving in a stand-off over pay.

Officials at the Workers’ Force union say the blockade has all but halted production.

Now, it looks like Nutella fans might be affected as there is only one production line working and stocks of the world-famous spread are running very low. 

On Monday the Italian confectionery firm Ferrero, who owns Nutella, threatened fines for any employees involved. It's estimated that half the staff are currently striking or not working. 

Luckily, a spokeswoman for Nutella claimed the shortage shouldn't cause a problem in Australia saying, 'Nutella in Australia, is produced and supplied locally out of Lithgow NSW.'


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